I'm looking to get into dirt riding this spring, starting obviously with a bike. My main source of information thus far has been my best friend, she is an avid street rider (13,000 miles last summer) and works at a bike shop, has quite a lot of knowledge. I would like to get into something not unreasonably expensive and I don't see myself taking this anything beyond just a fun/casual level of riding.
So I've been talking to her about it and she keeps talking about the engine differences. More specifically, she seems quite adamant that I not buy a 2-stroke engine.As I understand it, the main differences between the engine sizes/types I'd be looking at-
125 2 stroke: cheap to run, cheap to repair, have to get good at using a clutch fast due to sharp powerband, very little low-end torque
200/250 2 stroke: More consistant power curve, significantly more low-end torque, still pretty cheap to run/fix.
250 4 stroke: "always on" power (her phrase, not mine), more expensive to run/fix, much larger cost of entry.
This weekend I spent some time with her along with some of her more dirt-minded friends, one of whom is probably capable of racing pro class if he decided to train instead of work. He suggested based on my size (6'4" 210 lbs) and newness that the larger 2-stroke may be a good fit for me.
Basically my thoughts are thus: Money isn't a huge deal to me. If a 4 stroke is worth a few grand more, I don't have a big problem with that. I am concerned with maintenance, something that I'm not having to wrench on every other weekend would be a plus. I'm probably going to ride around 5 days a month with friends.

Any help will be apprecited.

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